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Scorpions 1975 Burst Into A Rage Cologne Germany

Scorpions 1975 Burst Into A Rage Cologne Germany

The Scorpions are one of the most successful and influential rock bands of all time, with over 110 million records sold worldwide. They are known for their hard rock and heavy metal sound, as well as their iconic songs such as "Rock You Like a Hurricane", "Wind of Change", and "Still Loving You". But before they achieved global fame, they were a young and hungry band from Germany, eager to prove themselves on the stage.

One of their most legendary concerts took place on April 26, 1975, in Cologne, Germany. The concert was part of their "Fly to the Rainbow" tour, which promoted their second studio album of the same name. The album marked a significant change in the band's musical direction, as they experimented with more progressive and psychedelic elements, and introduced a new guitarist, Uli Jon Roth, who replaced Michael Schenker.

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The concert was recorded and later released as a bootleg album titled "Burst into a Rage". The album captures the raw energy and passion of the Scorpions in their early days, as they performed a mix of original songs and covers of classic rock and blues artists. The album features some of their best-known songs from that era, such as "This Is My Song", "Fly to the Rainbow", "Speedy's Coming", and "They Need a Million". It also showcases the impressive skills and creativity of Roth, who delivered stunning guitar solos and improvisations throughout the show.

The highlight of the concert was the closing song, a cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Red House". The song lasted for over 20 minutes, as Roth and vocalist Klaus Meine engaged in a musical duel that left the audience in awe. Roth played his guitar with incredible speed and precision, using various techniques such as tapping, bending, sliding, and feedback. Meine matched him with his powerful and expressive voice, singing improvised lyrics and scatting along with the guitar. The song ended with a thunderous applause from the crowd, who witnessed one of the most memorable performances in rock history.

The Scorpions 1975 Burst Into A Rage Cologne Germany concert is a testament to the talent and potential of the band, who would go on to become one of the biggest names in rock music. The concert is also a rare glimpse into the early days of the Scorpions, when they were still experimenting with their sound and style. The concert is a must-listen for any fan of rock music, as it showcases the Scorpions at their best: raw, passionate, and explosive.

You can listen to the concert on SoundCloud, or read more about it on Spirit of Rock or Despico Destiny Center.

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