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Team Members

A Collaborative & Diverse Group

Lead Macro Economist

Financial Anaylst

Blockchain Researcher

Alejandro Esquivel


Alexandre Vieira

Lead Economist

Real Estate Consultant

Venture Capitalist


Lead Micro Economist

Retail Analyst

M.S. in Applied Economics

Shannon Skidmore

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Our Market Research Solutions

The Cutting Edge with Data-Driven Research on Industry and Strategies
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Five Star.jpg

It was a pleasure working with Alexandre! He was always there to answer any of my questions. He explained everything in great detail. He made the progress quick and easy. We accepted one of the offers within minutes. Thank you for all the hard work selling my house!

- Amanda B

It was really a really great pleasure working with Alexandre. He was on time for every appointment he made with us. He explained the in and out of the house. If I had any questions or I left a voicemail he got back with me either by phone, text, or email. I will recommend Mr. Alexandre to other people who are looking for a realtor.

- Carolyn Jackson

I had a great experience working with Alex. Very patient and passionate about his profession Determined to help find clients their best house and options. I highly recommend Alex as a Realtor. Thank again!

- Thomas Bolden

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The Economics Of Everything Podcast

Our Mission is to fill the world with more critical thinkers and decision makers. We will fulfill this mission with releasing conversations backed by our own due diligence and research. The Economics of Everything, our interest is in YOUR future value!

We explain to you the details of blockchain and discuss our favorite applications. Take a listen to hear our bullish case for Blockchain!7


Dive into our industry analysis with the Industry Expert Ethan Brooks. See how the Cutting Edge of news stands up to our Macro View of the industry

Inside Scoop of News w/ Ethan Brooks

Listen to our Newset Podcast HERE!

E.O.E. Consulting Portfolio

The consulting services include data science, financial analysis, industry analysis, technology, and coaching! 

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Alex was a great realtor. He helped us find the right home for us, answered all of our questions and was there for us in any moment. I highly recommend him.

- Iva

Bond Cliq.webp

E.O.E. Consulting continues to partner with BondCliq on data science and technology projects. Further developments soon to come!

Fiscal and Economic Research Center

The partnership between the Fiscal Economic and Research Center (FERC) and E.O.E. Consulting entails all the consulting services offered. Some of these finished projects can be found on our blog and research page! 

Viable EDU

The accomplishments achieved between TEOE Consulting and Viable360 have been an industry analysis of e-learning, retail and e-commerce, and podcast technology. 

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The Friday Newsletter

This News Letter is crucial for institutional investors looking to get an edge in the coporate bond market. TEOE Consulting has been tasked with an industry analysis of niche newsletters

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Empowering Your Business with Cutting-Edge Market Intelligence and Analysis

Econ Of Everything
Celebrity Encounters




Janet Yellen

Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve

Current Treaury Secretary of the USA

Janet Yellen_edited_edited.jpg
Gary Vaynerchuk
Russ Kashian

Digital Marketing Wizard

Web 3 Leader

Chief Executive Officer of the FERC

PhD Economist

JT Foxx

Real Estate Investor

Global Portfolio of 73 companies

JT Foxx_edited.jpg
Cole Hauser
Phill Jackson

Rip from Yellowstone

Primetime Emmy Awards (2021)

11 NBA Championship Rings

Coached Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant,

Shaquille O'Neal, and Scottie Pippen

Kiefer Sutherland

Jack Bauer from 24

 Emmy, and Golden Globe Award Winner

Keifer Sutherland_edited.jpg

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